Enjoy the Long December Vacation

Many SLPs will continue to work straight through the upcoming Holiday Season.  Others will have 1-2 weeks off and much time to spend at their leisure.  Here is a list of some common pitfalls that befall those of us who are off.

Don’t overbook yourself as tempting as that may be.  Doing so would set you up for disappointment. And remember that it is called “vacation” for a re ason.

You will still need to complete everyday chores: Eating Breakfast, Davening, Straightening up.  These are all normal everyday tasks that you may not have the luxury for on regular work days.  Enjoy engaging in them but remember that they DO take up your time. Don’t be surprised to find that it is 3:00 pm and you feel that you have nothing to ‘show’ for your time

Expect the unexpected: ‘Things’ come up when you least expect them:) Remember that it is normal.

Take time for yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do.

Slow down even while accomplishing.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into a frantic pattern during this time off.  Slowing down a little bit will allow you to fully enjoy your time

Enjoy Chanuka: Chanuka is a Yom Tov celebrating our Nitzchiyous in this long Galus.  This year, try to appreciate that you are away from your work environment during this Chag.

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