Oorah Auction Booklet and Expressive Language

Kids and adults alike eagerly wait for the  Oorah Auction Booklet to show up in their mailbox.  And why not, it’s both exciting and fun to look at.

This booklet can be used seasonally in your sessions targeting expressive language and increasing MLU.

The pictures are of items/scenes that the kids are familiar with.

Ex: Grocery Giveway:

“WH” questions

Who is in the store?

What are they buying?

Where is the mommy?

When will they eat the food?

Why are they putting the food in the shopping cart?


Find something square in the picture?

Tell me three things about the girl in the picture?


Present progressive “He is holding 3 boxes”.

Pronouns “They are riding on the shopping cart”.

Irregular verbs “They are buying a lot.” Last week they bought less nosh.”


Work on sentences and carryover.

Best of all buy some auction tickets for yourself.  Miracles happen!;)


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