Guest Post: Rochel Leiberman and the book she authored

There is something hugely significant about the words a person mutters to himself when going through a moment of stress.

Ever wish you had the great line you thought about after a stressful event and wish that you could’ve delivered that wordy comeback at the right moment? At the moment of a stressful event, that priceless I-wish-I-had-that-line-memorized seems elusive. A line, a healthy positive line, is essential to reframe and reevaluate a situation, called reframing.

For every negative line that Pearla’s inner critic says to her (“Who will want them?”), Pearla is able to comeback with a healthful line “I’m a person. People are not perfect. I did my best. I know I will be helped with the rest.”  This refrain walks her through intense feelings of embarrassment, sadness, surprise.  Through these wordy phrases, Pearla is able to hold on to a healthy belief of “I did my best and feel so thankful for the rest.”

Soon she realizes that people who truly feel comfortable in their skin, who drum to a beat of their own, like the Petraplinksis and Sammy Konstalay also have a healthy refrain that keeps them going. “This is perfect! These may have a sign that says ‘Imperfect’, but they are perfect for us.”

Having a healthy mantra for which to guide your life, and walk you through challenging journeys that is consistent with your natural style of talking is essential. If the idea of talking to your inner critic sounds silly or uncomfortable, try to think of what you would say to your child, Pearla, if she would confront you with her dilemma?

Pearla absolutely adores her culinary creations. She is proud of her work and she gets emotional and social enjoyment from her delicious confections. She is excited to get up early on a Sunday morning and is eager to engage in the baking process. Humming along to that excitement is Pearla’s inner critic. Her inner critic is relentless: forcing her to place the cream in perfect squiggles and to not accept failure at any cost. That critic needs to be spoken to! And that is exactly what Pearla does.

While the reader can feel inspired by Pearla’s ability to reframe her thinking and come up with a line that to tame her inner critic, it is important to relate these teachings to daily practice. Take one second and ask yourself ask “what is my helpful line that guides me through stress?

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