Journal: G is for Graduate School

Hi Everyone!

Hope that break treated everyone nicely, and you got to relax.  Back to school on Monday! Heading into a brand new semester of stimulating classes, with the intense work and rigorous schedule that comes along with it, can be overwhelming.  Add to that the addition of a semester working in the clinic, and there’s opportunity for some serious anxiety.  But when you replace those tension filled thoughts with the excitement that comes along with learning from experienced professors, and invaluable real live work in the clinic, the butterflies diminish to some extent 🙂

I’m definitely heading into my second semester with more confidence than the first.  I’m no longer walking into the unknown, or stressing over the unexpected.  (aside from clinic of course).  Now I’ll be walking into the building I know so well, with the professors, secretaries, and peers that I’ve already met.  We’ve already gone through one whole semester together which creates a solid sense of collaboration.  It didn’t come so easy of course.  It’s a feeling that comes from going through projects, finals, and deadlines all together as a class.  After all the work and pressure, you emerge “stronger together” (Clinton, Presidential Campaign 2017).  I’m hoping this feeling only grows stronger as we continue through this journey of graduate school.

In other news…thankful that Pesach isn’t right in the beginning of the semester!! This time I get to settle into class and get ahead of the work before taking off for Yom Tov.  Of course I still can’t make any plans for going home until I get a finalized schedule that includes work in the clinic.  But we’ll have to take that as it comes.

For now, deep breaths, stocking up on a fresh pack of paper, and davening for the Siyata D’Shmaya to make it through the semester!  Wish me luck for tomorrow!!

We’ll be in touch…

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