An overview of the ASHA Leader: February 2017

  • Gail J. Richard reminds us that we need to be a big picture diagnostician.  At times we are treating surface issues and not addressing deeper underlying problems.  This can impede our progress.
  • Intense sports like football often result in head injuries.  Research indicates changes in white brain matter even when other symptoms of a concussion were not reported.
  • New Medicare regulations result in increased paperwork for SLPs.
  • Research indicates that around 50% of SLPs working in telepractice report that they are doing so for elementary age students.
  • We are living in an incredible transition time in the Age of Technology.  5 experts way in on how Hearing Assistive Technology will develop over the next few years.  Many think that smartphones will become more usable and specialized for people with a hearing disability.
  • The 2 main questions to ask ourselves when choosing AAC (Augmentative Alternative Communication) or a SGD (Speech Generating Device) are
    • Does the device allow the client to communicate something that cannot already be communication by some other means?
    • Is the new device more efficient and easier to use than other, existing means of communication?

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