CFY Resources

Information for CFY’s:

Finding a job: It can be extremely difficult to land your dream job with the letters CFY after your name.  Employers are usually flooded with resumes and it is simply easier to choose a more experienced worker.  It saves them the time it would take to train you.  Employers often do like someone young, because that results in lower salaries for them to pay, but their ideal employee is usually not straight out of school.  Here are some tips for navigating this difficult time and getting on the way to obtaining gainful employment:

  1. Stay calm: This time will pass.  You will soon be more experienced.  This is a hurdle that most professionals have to get through.
  2. Be realistic: Keep your eyes and ears open for job opportunities.  Take a job, any job that can get you experience.  However, DO NOT work in an environment that seems unsafe, unprofessional, or “sketchy” in any way.  This will not help you along your path.
  3. Make connections: Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth.  If you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone…then call them.  This is a time to call in favors.
  4. Act professional at all times: There are ways and means to discuss any special circumstances or restraints that you may have in your working life.  However be sure to build a strong impression of yourself before bringing them to the table.
  5. Stop comparing yourself: Don’t compare yourself to your peers.  There are many factors that go into getting a job.  Everyone has their own reasoning behind accepting a job.  Don’t get caught up in feeling bad for yourself.  You never know the behind-the-scenes details of their employment.
  6. Daven: it works:)

Writing a resume: Resumes….CV’s the norms are constantly changing.  Try to get help from someone in the know to ensure that your resume looks up-to-date. Some colleges/grad schools may have resources/people in the career office that could be of help to you.  There are also resume builders online that have ready made templates that could save you a lot of headache.

Job Interviews:  If you are invited to an interview it is always best to go even if you don’t intend to accept the job.  Firstly, every interview is a great experience and secondly you may be surprised to find that the job offer is more lucrative or flexible that you thought that it would be.  Shaking hands is something that comes up quite often and so prepare yourself mentally for this.  Replay the scene in your head and practice what you plan to say so that it comes easier at that moment.  Try to arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you are not flustered.  Do not be afraid to ask for time to process some of the difficult/heavy questions that they throw at you.  They will likely ask you about a struggle/ weakness that you face so try to prepare an answer in advance.  If you know someone that interviewed in that location then try to check in with them for some pointers.

Licensing Requirements:

-Teaching License- through the Department of Education, varies by state

-State License- through the Department of Health, varies by state

CFY’s are not eligible for a Standard State License.  They need to apply for a Provisionary License for the CFY year.

Working as a CFY: In a nutshell the CFY requires 1,260 hours of supervised “working time” with clients.  ASHA defines supervised time as follows:

-Minimum of 5 hours of work per work

-80% of time at the job site must be spent on direct clinical contact which is defined as assessment/diagnosis/evaluation, screening, treatment, report writing, family/client consultation, and/or counseling

– The 1,260 hours is dived by 3 = 3 periods of 420 hours.  During each of these 420 hour periods you need to have 6 hours of direct supervision from your supervisor and 6 other contacts (i.e.: phone calls, email, Skype…).  At the end of your CFY you should have 1,260 hours, 18 direct contact hours, and 18 other contacts with your supervisor. The most important part of being a CFY is keeping track of your hours.  All of the documents can be found on ASHA’s website

Important ASHA documents for CFY.

Contact ASHA

Continuing Education (CEU): CFY’s have no continuing education requirements)

Multiple Supervisors: You may have multiple supervisors during your CFY.  Any work that you do that is at least 5 hours a week can count towards the CFY.  However each and every supervisor must fill out their own rating and scoring form.  (So you may have multiple scoring sheets per 420 hour period.) Make sure everything is signed.

Finding a supervisor: Many CFY jobs will offer supervision.  However be aware that some do not. In that case you can get permission to bring in your own supervisor whom you will pay on your own.  Beware that ASHA frowns upon supervisors who are related or whom have the same last name as you.  Assume that they will be able to figure out an familial relationship that you may have with a supervisor.