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Listing of Popular Graduate School Programs

Applying to Graduate School can be very daunting.  Here is a listing of some popular programs and links to their Speech-Language Pathology Master's information:

Search all US master's SLP programs on ASHA's Website

Please note that the list below is by no means a comprehensive list of universities with a Master's program for SLP's.  It is intended as a reference for some of the popular choices [updated March 2016]:

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY: admission requirements

CUNY, Queens College, Queens,NY: admission requirements

CUNY, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY: admission requirements

Kean University, Union, NJ, admission requirements

LIU, Brooklyn, NY: admission requirements

Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL: admission requirements

Stockton, Galloway, NJ: admission requirements

Temple, Philadelphia, PA: admission requirements

Towsend, Towsend, MD: admission requirements

Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY: admission requirements


Frum options:

Touro College, Brooklyn, NY: admission requirements (my alma mater:)

TTI/"Reizel Reit", Varied Location: admission requirements

Yeshiva University, NY, NY: admission requirements


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Recommendation Letters

When you ask teachers for Recommendation Letters understand that they are busy individuals.  They may need reminders and ample time to ensure that they get it done in time.  Don't take anything for granted.  Check and double check to ensure that you get it all in on time.


Hopefully you will receive many acceptance letters.  If you do get wait-listed you still have a chance of getting in. It can be helpful to call the school to find out if there are any openings.  This shows them that you are serious which is something they want to see.


Make sure that you send all of your original transcripts in.  Things can get complicated with seminary credits, transfer credits, and high school credits.  Make sure that you leave yourself enough time for this.  

Submitting Applications

Don't push things to the deadline. Leave yourself enough time to mail them in without worrying that it will be received after the deadline. Do call the school to ensure that they received everything that they needed to complete your application file.

Multiple Acceptances

It can be tough making a decision if you got accepted to multiple schools.  Realize that the 'down-payment' required to save your spot is just a teeny percentage of overall costs.  Graduate School can cost $60,000 but only require $500 to save your spot.  If you are unsure it may be worthwhile to reserve a spot in multiple schools and make the decision closer to the start of school.