Product Review: Speed Cups by Spin Master

In this game, you must rush to set your colored cups in the same order as it is presented on the cue card.  This game can be used to teach a multitude of skills including:

  1. teaching colors
  2. auditory processing
  3. reinforcer

Tell is if you have another way that you incorporate this great product into your speech sessions!

Product Review: Howie’s Owies

Howie or Chaim needs some bandaids on his boo-boos.  This activity will definitely appeal to children preschool to 3rd grade.  Here are some different ways that this could be used:

  1. Use as a reinforcer.  No matter what the goal is, allow the child to place a band-aid on the boy when they complete their task.
  2. Auditory Comprehension/Following Directions: Put a small, red band-aid on his elbow.
  3. Expressive/Receptive Language: Teach the names of the body parts, answering “wh” questions, prepositions.

Once you get a shirt and yarmulke on Chaim using a Sharpie marker, please send us a pic!!

Book Review: Press Here by Herve Tullet

Touch Here Book Cover Touch Here
Herve Tullet

This is a great book written by Herve Tullet in 2011.  It differs from most children's book because it requires them to interact with the book.  It has been referred to as a "paper-version app".  Which truly means that it combines the best of both worlds.   Commands like "Press here", "first press the blue dot and then the yellow dot", an "shake it"  need to be followed before moving onto the next page. To an SLP, it seems like a playful version of the concepts and following directions subtest from the CELF-4.

Target Age:3-10

Target Goals: Following directions, color recognition, sequencing, and inferencing

Session Type: Group or Individual

Look at our "Press Here" board on Pinterest for great ideas

Purchase here on Amazon or take it out from your local library :).

Some other great books by this author include:


Have you used any of these books in your therapy sessions?  Have you created any original activities to go along with it.  Please share with us below... or send a photo to to be featured on our Pinterest board (with full credit of course:)!