Social Communication Group for Self-Contained Classroom: Basic Games

It was back to the basics with this social communication group.  The lesson was based around 3 popular games that kids (usually) love to play.  They are Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect the Dots, and Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot.  All of these games require joint attention, problem solving, reasoning, and discussion.



  • Students communicate with each other to determine who will be X and who will be O.
  • Students must engage in perspective taking to try and infer the next move that their opponent will make.
  • Students need to discuss if there was a winner or a cat’s game.



  • This game can be harder to explain
  • On each turn, a player draws one straight line between any 2 black dots
  • Students win each box that they complete by putting their initials in the box
  • This game usually takes time and students often wind up chatting as they complete the board



Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot

  • In this game, students must discuss the rules beforehand and remind themselves during each round
  • Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper
  • It is also important that both players make their move at the same moment to ensure fairness. This is a great skill to enforce.


Using these games in Social-Communication Groups has many purposes:

  1. These games are fun, students are more likely to engage when they are involved in a fun activity.
  2. These games reinforce important skills.
  3. The ability to play these games will be a life-long tool for these students as they are fairly common games.

Enjoy!  Please tell us about simple and common games that you have incorporated into your Social Communication Groups.


Site Review: Internet 4 Classrooms targets many of the goals that SLP’s are targeting in their sessions.


This is what the homepage looks like, Click ‘grade level help’.


Click on the ‘Language Arts Skillbuilders’ section for the grade you desire.


Choose a skill to target.  In this case it was ‘following directions‘.


Preview beforehand and choose an appropriate activity from the page.  Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments section!!