Product Review: Spot the Difference by University Games

This game is sorta difficult for discerning the differences in the items.  Pictures can be funny and humorous for adults.  Some may need to be removed over sensitivity to people at the beach or other scenes.  Great for asking and answering ‘wh’ questions and getting conversations started.

Product Review: Blank Dry Erase Playing Cards

We are living in the times of commercialized speech therapy.  Sometimes the therapy material that you have purchased isn’t a perfect match for your client.  With these customizable dry erase cards you can create your own flashcards for your students.


Articulation Words

Vocabulary Words from a story that you are reading

Matching Game

Product Review: Speed Cups by Spin Master

In this game, you must rush to set your colored cups in the same order as it is presented on the cue card.  This game can be used to teach a multitude of skills including:

  1. teaching colors
  2. auditory processing
  3. reinforcer

Tell is if you have another way that you incorporate this great product into your speech sessions!

Oorah Auction Booklet and Expressive Language

Kids and adults alike eagerly wait for the  Oorah Auction Booklet to show up in their mailbox.  And why not, it’s both exciting and fun to look at.

This booklet can be used seasonally in your sessions targeting expressive language and increasing MLU.

The pictures are of items/scenes that the kids are familiar with.

Ex: Grocery Giveway:

“WH” questions

Who is in the store?

What are they buying?

Where is the mommy?

When will they eat the food?

Why are they putting the food in the shopping cart?


Find something square in the picture?

Tell me three things about the girl in the picture?


Present progressive “He is holding 3 boxes”.

Pronouns “They are riding on the shopping cart”.

Irregular verbs “They are buying a lot.” Last week they bought less nosh.”


Work on sentences and carryover.

Best of all buy some auction tickets for yourself.  Miracles happen!;)


Site Review: Rewordify is an amazing resource for simplifying text with difficult vocabulary.  Log onto the page and you will be greeted with a yellow box to be filled with the text of your choice.


Now I have entered the text “It can be hard to make inferences” and click on the yellow button  “REWORDIFY TEXT”


The top of the page now reads “It can be hard to make guesses (based on what you have been told), with the new words in yellow!


A simple and effective way to translate complex language.

It also comes fully stocked with translations of many of the classics.  You can search by letter.  A search of Animal Farm turned up this…


This website is a real treasure.

Using Political Cartoons to Meet our Students Goals

Real life and politics are anything but boring these days.  We can use political cartoons as a template for language lessons with our students.

Related Goals:

inferencing, describing, understanding humor, answering questions, asking questions, vocabulary.

Click here for a great selection of political cartoons from Upfront (scholastic) for free.  These are difficult to download so copy and paste them to a new word document.

Here are some examples of cartoons:

upf-091916-weekly-debate-promo upf-041116-weekly-migrants-promo 1478819285072upf-050916-weekly-starbucks-promo upf-021616-weekly-einstein-promo

The cartoons have a blurb underneath them.  Have students circle unfamiliar words.  Then use the questions provided at the bottom. Most of the questions could be characterized as HOTS questions.  These questions require higher order thinking skills.  You can create your own simpler “wh” questions if that would be more appropriate for your students.



Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had to suddenly leave a 9/11 ceremony because she was feeling ill. Later, it was revealed that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia several days before the ceremony but had kept it secret from the public. That raised questions about whether Clinton has other health conditions. It has also put the spotlight on her Republican rival, Donald Trump, who has been just as reluctant to release detailed information about his health. Questions about the candidates’ health are expected to come up in the first presidential debate, on September 26.


  1. Who are the people in the cartoon, and where is it taking place?
  2. Why is there a treadmill in the middle of the stage?
  3. How does the cartoonist use humor to illustrate a point about the candidates’ health records?
  4. Previous presidential candidates, including Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, hid medical conditions from voters. Do you think that health information should remain a private issue, or should citizens be allowed to demand medical information about presidential candidates?
  5. Do you think a health condition could hurt a candidate’s chances of being elected? Explain.
 Editors Note:
The Hamodia Newspaper has 2 full pages of political cartoons, you can cut those out and create your own questions as well.

Book Review: Goodnight Gorilla

Good Night, Gorilla Book Cover Good Night, Gorilla
Peggy Rathman
P.G. Putnam
Board Book
32 Pages

In this adorable book, a zookeeper tries to lock up the zoo and head to bed.  The Gorilla is up to his funny tricks and he unlocks all of the animals from their cages. Can the zookeeper get to bed with all of the animals on the loose?

This adorably illustrated book for kids has no words.  Allow students to develop storytelling and expressive language skills as they flip through the pages in this book.

This book is geared towards preschool age students, however people of all ages will enjoy flipping through the pages.

Watch an animated version on vimeo for free by clicking here.

Take a look at our pinterest board with activities related to this book by clicking here.

Site Review: Internet 4 Classrooms targets many of the goals that SLP’s are targeting in their sessions.


This is what the homepage looks like, Click ‘grade level help’.


Click on the ‘Language Arts Skillbuilders’ section for the grade you desire.


Choose a skill to target.  In this case it was ‘following directions‘.


Preview beforehand and choose an appropriate activity from the page.  Try it out and let us know how it goes in the comments section!!